A general guide to consider for your new GAA Member’s Page:

To set up an appointment to start your members page, call Judith Angell Meyer @ 356-1742


You can contact the Treasurer to arrange payment of the $35.00 fee for your page.

This is a one time setup expense. Every additional year will only be a $10 renewal that you add to your annual dues.



Your artist’s name (How you want to be known as an artist – Not a company name.)


Bio - Introduce your self: Where you were born? How did you come to art as a career/joy/relaxation? How did your childhood fit in to your art? Or an experience. What medium (s) do you use, what subject do you have a passion for? Have you written an art book? Do you give/volunteer classes? Do you have a company name for your art or studio?


I would suggest that you write in the first person, and not, e.g., “S/he loves his/her art,” but, “I love my art.” But this is not mandatory. Bio should probably be between 150 and 500 words.


What is your art education? Do you consider it a daily or on going learning process? Did you study with an artist, or go on a retreat to study art at one time? Are you self taught?


Links/contact: e-mail, web site if you have one, or your GAA web page link. Specifically, how do you want to be contacted. Phone #, address, etc. Keep in mind that usually you wouldn’t use your home address or phone number. If it’s all you have, then use it for your contact, only if you want to be contacted.


The Artists page will have a link to your GAA member’s page, and all other links or contact information you have will be on your page.


Pictures: Be sure to give Title, size and medium for each piece of art. The date made is, (optional), or consider the story of how the piece came about.


                     All picture files need to be in .jpeg/.jpg, or .gif format.

                     Pictures need to be cropped with no matting or framing showing.

                     If you do not have scanned photos I can do that for you.

                     If you need photos of your work, I can do that for you too, or there is other photo help.

                     I’ll be happy to help you with your bio’s if you need help.

                     Check out the member’s pages that are already on line for ideas.

                     You can have pretty much as many pictures as you want. (Up to about 20)


Awards: Be sure to list any awards or ribbons you have won. Any news articles you have been included in or featured. Shows you have juried. What shows have you been juried into? This especially includes your GAA activities.


Remember: This is only a guide. Some of it might not apply to you, and that is fine. We all have different backgrounds and experiences. Be as creative with your Bio as you are with your art! This is a truly wonderful opportunity to have an Internet presence with your art! And who knows! When someone out there Googles, and your name comes up, and they see your work, it might be just the thing they were looking for!


Also!   If you are a member who loves art and is possibly taking classes, or a gallery owner, and otherwise supporting the Greeley Art Association, we want you to have a page too. Tell us your passions about art, what you like and don't like. Include pictures of yourself in art classes or group outings or demos. Whatever your part in GAA is for you. Use whatever applies to your story from the guide above, or just make it up as you go. Look forward to hearing from you.

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