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Donna McLean


 I was born on a farm near Seneca, KS.  My family moved to Longmont, CO during my high school years. I took my first art class, with my father’s urging.  My goal has always been to pursue art.

 Retirement gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream by taking classes and workshops. I started at the Greeley Senior Center under Connie Stewart.  (Mrs. Bob Stewart)

 I have also taken classes from Colette Pitcher and Barbara Wolf. I attended a week long watercolor workshop from Dora Hagge. I love the challenge of watercolor, and how I lose time when painting.

 I have been a member of Greeley art association, since 1982. I am now serving as the hostess chairperson.  I am also a member of Colorado (Denver) Watercolor  Society.

 In 2008 I received an “honorable mention” ribbon from the Yuma, CO Art Show. I also received a second place ribbon from the Greeley Senior Center Art Show.  This is the first year I have entered the juried “Western Spirit Art Show and Sale” in Cheyenne, WY. And have a painting accepted for the March 2009 show.

 My love of landscapes comes from years of bird watching.  I hope to convey my love for these subjects through my paintings. As a volunteer at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, I have had great opportunities to capture landscape and bird images for my art.  The Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is located 90 miles south of Albuquerque, NM where I have volunteered for the last nine years.


This watercolor painting is 22" x 18 1/2" Framed

Watercolor painting "Gathering Place" 10"x12" Framed

Watercolor painting "Sunset" 15 1/2" x 10 1/2" Framed


Watercolor painting - "Woods of the Apache" - 22 1/4" x 32 1/2" - Framed






















"Fall is Coming"
Watercolor painting - 15 3/4" x 30 3/4" - Framed

Watercolor painting - "Petunia's" - 13" x 14 1/2" - Framed

Watercolor painting - "Sunflower" - 15" x 17 3/4" - Framed

Watercolor painting - "O' The Stories I Could Tell"  - 7 1/2" x 22" - Unframed

Watercolor painting - "The Great Blue Heron" - 11 1/2" x 15" - Unframed

Watercolor painting - "Blue Willows" - A Bosque Retreat - 20 1/2" x 24" - Framed


New Work Fresh Off the Easel!

"Holly Hocks"
Watercolor Painting - 10.6" x 7.15"

"Pale Smart Weed"
Watercolor Painting - 10.9" x 5.7"


"Afternoon Cruise"
Watercolor Painting - 10.9" x 8.2"

" Black Billed Magpies"
Watercolor Painting - 4.94" x 6.8"


"Adobe Court Yard"
Watercolor Painting - 7.25" x 4.65"


"Tender Behinds"
Watercolor Painting - 6.6" x 4.73"

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