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Judith Angell Meyer

I grew up in spacious, rolling Iowa farm country. Learning at an early age to appreciate the beauty of animals, both in the wild and as patient servants and companions of man; the pride of the men who worked the land; and the land itself. My interest in art paralleled my interest in animals, and my knowledge of them increased with my skill at depicting them. I try to show a mastery of the medium with my watercolors and pencils, and attention to detail, combined with a respect for the need for more than just photographic realism, the need to convey the spirit or mood, feeling that each individual painting must have its own life. It has always been important to me to paint the stories of what I see outside and feel inside.
Lost is our heritage but for our visions.

I also enjoy writing, writing poetry, reading, creating web sites, my home, horses and my wee little Gizmo, who doesn't know he is a dog.

My watercolors have won many ribbons throughout the years. I am primarily a self taught artist with the exception of my senior art class in high school, over two years at Hallmark Cards, and a couple of classes at the Kansas City Art Institute during my stay at Hallmark.

I have been a member of the international Society of Animal Artists since 1990. I also belong to the Equine Art Guild and now Greeley's own Greeley Art Association. I am also a member of the Greeley Poetry Club, and PoetrySoup on line. My art work can be seen at the Thunderbird Art Gallery, 1309 East 16th Street, Greeley. I am occasionally called upon to jury a show.

I recently was juried into two Society of Animal Artist's shows. The 48th annual which opened in the Neville Museum in Green Bay, WI in October, and the "Small Works - Big Impressions" show opening November 4th at The Wildlife Experience in Parker, CO. For anyone interested, I can get you free admission to the Wildlife Experience for November 23rd, between 3 p.m. & 5 p.m., when many of the Society artists will be there.

I have over the last two years illustrated three books in the "Without a Home" series. They are stories of animals who for one reason or another lost their homes, ending up either abused or in shelters. Eventually they all find good adoptive homes. I drew a sad and a happy critter for each of five stories. There is a dog book, a cat book, and a small animal book. Due out sometime early next year will be a horse book.

Finished Watercolor for the Stampede Annual Art Show!


"Mourning Jerome"

9 3/4" x 13 1/2" - Watercolor Painting


Fresh off the drawing board!


Long Eared Owl - Graphite painting - 6" x 7"


"...Never Got Used to That Smell"
15" x 22" Watercolor Painting


"Canyon Spirit"
This watercolor painting is 5" x 7" painted for the Small Works-Big Impressions show, for the Society of Animal Artists
The show was hosted by the Wildlife Experience in Parker, CO


Giclée Prints
All prints are in a limited edition of 150, and sell for $250. - All approximately 14" x 19" - There are a few smaller sizes available.
Inquires by welcome.

"Small Comfort" - 14" x 20" Watercolor.

Limited Edition of 150 signed and numbered Giclee prints.

"Fishn' the Shallows" - 14" x 19" Watercolor.

Limited Edition of 150 signed and numbered Giclee prints.

"Peeper's Ponies"
Giclée Print Limited Edition of 150

"First Snow"
Giclée Print Limited Edition of 150

"Biscuits 'n Gravy"
Giclée Print Limited Edition of 150

"View From the Top"
Giclée Print Limited Edition of 150

These are some of the many drawings that were done as illustrations for the "Without a Home" series of books.



Sad Sal missing his master

Sal in his new happy home

Lilly and Grayson in their happy home  

Tasha and two of her four kittens

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There are a few Originals available!

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