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Marcy Trahan




Marcy (Marcille) Trahan

RMT Art and Photography

Watercolor, Acrylics and Photography 

After 31 years of teaching Special Education, Grades 3 through 5, and computer technology in Wisconsin and Colorado, Marcy retired in 2004.  Since then she has enjoyed traveling and camping and exploring the outdoors with her husband, Rich.  Both enjoy photography and much of the photography Marcy takes forms an inspiration for her art work.  It wasn’t until retirement that Marcy could explore and develop her interest in art that had been a part of her since childhood.  Her mom could always keep her out of trouble with a paint-by-number kit or an art book.  While teaching, her artistic expression took the form of great bulletin boards that incorporated art along with instruction.

Since retirement, she has renewed her long-time love of art, taking instruction from regional and nationally known art instructors and exploring different media.  Her favorite painting medium is watercolor and she is making forays in acrylics.  Photography is also a favored medium and she uses those photographic opportunities as inspirations for much of her artistic endeavors.  The compositional elements that make a painting or a photograph good are the same in both media and have helped her develop her skills as an artist.

She has a passion for color and her paintings are not afraid of complexity. Inspiration for her paintings and photographs come from many sources, mainly her travels to near and far locations, from her backyard to foreign exotic locales. Her works are fairly realistic and each one tells a story, whether it is a landscape, a portrait, or a still life.  She invites you to explore the stories she has captured.

Marcy's 2012 entry in the NGAE art show, sporting an Honorable Mention Ribbon!

Birdhouses, Glass Floats and Sea Side

"Buoys for Sale"


"Bird Houses and Glass Floats"

"String Buoys"

"Happy Hour Down at the Oyster Bar"


"Lion Fish"

"Ghost Crab"



"Aspen Gold"

"Autumn Gold"


" Shadows at Sunrise"

"Strings Attached"

"African Drums"

"Frozen in Time"

"Rusted Warrior"

"Medicine Wheel Bustle"

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