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Richard Trahan

As a nature photographer I believe that wilderness provides renewal, a sense of wonder, and spiritual connectedness.  Love of the outdoors has inspired me to share my passion for wilderness with others through the art of photography.  I have had a long history of involvement with photography.  When backpacking, rafting, exploring, or just hiking, my trusty 35mm camera was always along to help me capture those special moments.  With my retirement as a professor and dean from the University of Northern Colorado, I had the opportunity to more fully embrace the digital revolution in photography.  Working with my wife, Marcy, we have had our photography recognized in competitions regionally and nationally.  My work has been featured in the October issue of Montana Outdoors, at the Tointon Gallery, the Two Rivers Artist Series at Family of Christ Presbyterian Church, the Farr Library, the Union Colony Civic Center, Medical Center at Centerra, the Madison and Main Gallery and at the Greeley Union Colony Civic Center.  Our show, “Wonders of Nature”, was featured as part of the University of Northern Colorado Homecoming Exhibit in the Mari Michener Gallery at the James A. Michener Library.

Over the last four years I have written articles for the Greeley Tribune on digital photography, taught Digital Photography 101 for Aims Community College Continuing Education, and been active with the Loveland Photographic Society, serving as a judge for club photo competitions and as a photography field trip leader/mentor.

Previous Shows With Awards:

  • RIHEL Photography Show (Denver, Colorado) 2006.  First and second place awards from John Fielder.
  • Art From the Heart (Greeley Art Association) 2006.  A first place award in the mixed media category.
  • “The Ripple Effect”, 2006.  Thematic Award

  • Arts Picnic, Fine Art Exhibit 2007.  A City Purchase Award.

  • Art From the Heart Show (Greeley Art Association) 2007.  First and second place awards in the photography category.

  • 16th Annual National Exhibition (Artist Association of Northern Colorado), 2007.  Honorable Mention Award.

  • Yuma Art Show 2008.  First place, second place, third place, and Honorable Mention awards in the professional photography category.

  • Art From the Heart Show (Greeley Art Association) 2009.  First place and Honorable Mention award in the photography category.

  • Photographic Society of America Electronic Imagining Division 2010.  Best of Show.

  • Professional Division of The Autumn Discovery Photo Contest for the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center of West Yellowstone, Montana 2012. 
    First place Bear image and First Place Wolf image. 

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Scenic Photography


"Sunset Merge"

Garden of the Gods


"Canon Beach"

"Copland Falls"


"Isabelle Hike"

"Lower Yellowstone Falls"


"Lake Isabelle"



"Manzanar Remembered"

"Tufas at Mono Lake"


"Washington Sea Stacks"


"Zabriskie Point"

"Saguaro Sentenials"

"Sunset on Half Dome"


Wildlife Photography

"Great Blue Heron at Sunset"


"Black Hills Antelope"


"Hungry Moose"

"Selective Focus"


"Coming at You!"

"Autumn Challenge"

"Blue Herons"


"Goose Steppin' "


"Howler Monkeys"

"Lion on the Plains"

"Mountain Lion"


"Three Toed Tree Sloth"


"Black Bear"

"Push for Success"


"Red Tail Hawk"
On a cold winter day a red tailed hawk came flying by in a chilled blue sky.

She landed in a nearby tree and took a look at me.

I called to her and said fly to me and I will give you a treat to eat.

She looked at me eye to eye and saw no treat so did not fly.

A treat was placed on an old wagon wheel and I hoped that it would tempt her into flight.

Much to my delight she saw the treat and came to fly.

I doubt that I will ever again see such a beautiful red tailed hawk so close and so free.

Richard Trahan



"Wilderness Adventure"


This is a small sample from my photo library to illustrate the range of my work.
 If you like my images and are looking for a particular type of photo,
 please contact me and I can send you a low resolution sample
 of something that might interest you.

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