Delilah Fiechter



When I was nine Philabe Houston offered me a grant for oil painting lessons and art supplies.  I took lessons every Saturday at what is now Houstons Gardens.  These lessons lasted about a year.  I worked in oil, pastel and pencil for the next  seven years.  Watercolor interested me but every time I signed up for a class it was cancelled, for lack of interest.
In college I worked in acrylic for 2 years.  Then ten years of working for the phone company and two children later in 1982 I signed up for my first lesson in watercolor.  In 1989 Leanin' Tree accepted the first of 55 images that I would design for them. 
I continued taking workshops with local and nationally known artists.  I  believe you never stop learning and I also believe that I've just begun to do my best work.


"Painted Lady"


"All Dressed Up"
Original Watercolor - 20" x 16 -  Matted - $395


"Into the Sunset" 
Original Watercolor - 19" x 23" Matted - $750.00

"Georgetown Treasure"
Original Watercolor - 16" x 19"   NFS


Original Watercolor - 23" x 24"  Matted - $695

" Jill"
Original Watercolor - 21" x 18"  - NFS



                                           "What A Doll"
              Original Watercolor -13" x 16" Matted - $395



"Quiet Waters"  Original Watercolor
21.25" x 16.25" Matted - $395

"House With the Hollyhocks" 
Original Watercolor - 30.24" x 23.25" Matted - NFS


Original Watercolor - 21.25" x 27.25" - Matted - $795


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